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Escape from Europe - The New Zealand wealth Edition
From the Editors:
Many of our readers are understandably nervous about the possible impending European banking and financial collapse. So there should be Kondratieff writing in the 1920 predicted the great depression and the next great financial cyclical depression which should hit about now. As from 1914 until 1945 the great Kondratieff death wave hit Europe and decimated banks and financial markets.
Many followers of the great economist say it is inevitable that the great collapse will hit soon and of course we have already seen the beginnings with Cyprus and the European crises in Greece and Spain.
But as the economies of world generally stop growing and begin collapsing we see also an ever increasing state control of our very freedoms and rampant indiscriminate taxation. So how do you keep your money safe, avoid bank collapse, keep your money away from creditors and greedy governments and increase your wealth.
Well we decided to talk to some of New Zealand's top experts in wealth management and asset protection to see what's available in New Zealand's market. We have created ten lessons on wealth with an interview in each lesson.
LESSON 1 -AVOIDNG DEATH AND TAXES [Interview with a barrister on asset protection and New Zealand Trusts]
I. If you had 300 words to tell our readers what you think the most important lesson for the wealth industry is today what you would say.
E. Look at Hodorkovsky here is a man who had everything and suddenly it was all taken away from him? He is the symbol of the danger of our times -it's not war, financial collapse, or even creditors its governments creating impossible laws so that they can control their citizens. It's happening worldwide first America created FATCA and now Russia is trying to stop its citizens having foreign bank accounts. All of a sudden every businessman is a criminal and his wealth can be taken away.
Q. So what is the solution?
A. Well, in 300 words - put your money into structure that cannot be broken by governments or creditors. The best structure I know is anew Zealand trust with special cook island jurisdiction clauses. Such properly formed trusts have not been able to be broken even by the American government and are recognised by the Hague convention on trusts. Having trust is like a legal safe for your money and assets. A Non-Resident trust is not taxed in New Zealand and is not "owned" by the person who created it so if properly structured a trust does not breach any tax laws and is therefore the best protection against having your monies and funds seized. So the British used to say that you can't avoid death and taxes unless you have a trust because a trust is essentially a way to pass on your wealth to the next generation whilst avoiding taxes and death duties. So with the right structure you actually can avoid death and taxes. By the way, the trust can have all asset classes -cash, bank accounts real estate precious metals shares bonds you name it. So cerate the trust and then fill it with all sorts of goodies like you would a safe.

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