Other Jurisdictions


We have a number of unique relationships with specialised asset protection firms in various jurisdictions.  For example, we have an exclusive relationship with one of the top tax lawyers in South America able to provide comprehensive and cost effective structures  for countries such as Uruguay and Chile.

As another example, we have a unique relationship with a Swiss Firm able to incorporate and provide banking services in Switzerland. 

If You are seeking asset protection services and solutions as well as planning and advice we can provide you with assistance in asset protection jurisdictions including United States, Singapore, Hong Kong,  Panama, Cyprus and many others.

Also because of New Zealand's close relationship (both geographically and legally) with the Cook Islands we are able to offer Cook Islands structures and advice in combination with our New Zealand trust packages. 

No matter how complex the problem or how wide the task our experts will be able to tailor a solution which perfectly fits your needs, further advice will be given by qualified legal counsel able to understand the complex issues involved and to draft documentation in support.   

Please note that all your communications with us and advice given by our consultants-lawyers is protected by the English Doctrine of privilege which means that your communications are completely secure and cannot be disclosed by us. However, before we take on a client, we conduct a thorough due diligence to ensure that there is no possibility of criminal or money laundering activity.   

 Other jurisdictions are coming soon...


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