What else we can do?

  • New Zealand charitable trusts, other charitable entities and non-profit organizations
  • opinion on your existing New Zealand structure and assessing risks;
  • providing a professional New Zealand Resident Trustee;
  • transfer an existing limited liability company to LTC
  • carrying out all administrative and compliance obligations for both the New Zealand Resident Trust, Trustee Company and Look-Through Company
  • redomiciling companies from other jurisdictions
  • dissolution and restoration of New Zealand companies and other entities
  • preparation of financial statements by accountant and audit of financial statements by auditor
  • search services to buy a residential or commercial property in New Zealand
  • reference to our consultant lawyers, who provide full range of immigration services, including completing and filing appropriate immigration applications and forms
  • advising on all aspects of legal due diligence including providing opinions on documentation, compliance issues, taxation matters and general legal requirements involving your investment in New Zealand
  • registration of trade marks in New Zealand
  • apostillation of documents (Certificates of incorporation, Certificates of Good standing / Company Extracts, copies of other documents issued in New Zealand)
  • and more

For multi-jurisdictional work and other personalised advice our consultation is on a time basis, to be quoted according to your requirements. We offer one hour of consultation free. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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